The Bykaboose trailer is a useful 2 wheeled light weight cargo trailer. The inconspicuous trailer hitch stays permanently mounted to the Brompton back axle, and the trailer tongue attaches easily to the Brompton or any other type of bicycle. With the trailer attached the first folding step for the Brompton is unchanged, so that the bike with trailer attached may be parked in a standing position without any other support. The Bykaboose cargo trailer pulls with ease and the large compartment will handle loads of 80 pounds. It packs away easily too. The wheels come off, the sides collapse and the tongue may be detached. The finished package is about three feet long and less than 5 inches thick.It takes five minutes to completely collapse the Bykaboose. A slightly smaller version called The Stubby is also offered. Notice the suitcase for a Brompton bike in the trailer.

NOTE PLEASE: Bykaboose trailers are not intended for transporting children

Here you see the Brompton with the Bykaboose trailer attached. Loads up to 80 or so lbs are conveniently transported in the ample space provided by the Bykaboose

trailer & bike

Here you see the Bykaboose folded down for storage or easy transport. The trailer colapses quickly and with a little more effort the tongue may be removed also. It is a light but stong unit and pulls easily behind the brompton on its 16" wheels.

bykaboose collapsed

This photo shows the Bykaboose trailer hitch and illustrates the simple method for attaching the trailer to the Brompton. The Bykaboose hitch stays attached to the bike permanently.

attaching a tongue