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Helpful Notes for Ordering a Brompton Folding Bicycle

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The three Brompton formats are determinted by the shape of their handlebars.


The distinctive U-shape of the M Type's handlebars has been used on the Brompton since the outset: it gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control. The M Type is the all-rounder in our range and remains the most popular Brompton.


For many, this is the prettiest Brompton, and with its Kevlar brake cables and high-tensile-alloy handlebar, it is the lightest. The grips are lower than on the M-Type, and further forward, giving a sporty riding position.


Has a large, circular handle bar system allowing a more upright position and a low riding option. This set-up is useful for bicycle touring as it allows many hand positions during a longer ride.

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Accessories, Colors and Other Components

The 2011 Standard Colors for Brompton Bicycles are black, white, Turkish green or hot pink. Your Brompton may be specially ordered in a variety of other colors for $48.50 to $162.00 extra.

Bikes that we have in stock can ship immediately, but please allow for a wait of 6 to 10 weeks for delivery on custom, or B-Spoke, bikes. We have a good selection of Bromptons and most accessories available in house.

We prefer to discuss all orders with a buyer, but we especially need to speak with buyers about their B-Spoke orders. There are many variations that need to be carefully considered.

Brompton H-Type introduced January 2012

2012 Product: H Type

With the H Type, Brompton is launching its first new handlebar configuration for seven years. It joins Brompton’s existing offering of three handlebar styles – the M, S and P Types.

Available from January 2012.

H2L_RacingGreen_Mod.jpg (418537 bytes)

  • The H Type has been developed in response to requests from taller riders and from those wanting a markedly more upright riding position. The height of the grips from the ground has been raised by 60mm compared to the classic M Type; forward reach to the grips from the saddle increases by around 13mm. Call us for more information about H-Type Brompton.This additional height and reach has been achieved by spacing the handlebar hinge 30mm further away from the headset allowing the overall length of the support to be increased by 60mm. While this means that the hinge protrudes further from the bike than on other models, the highest point on the folded bike remains the saddle, so the H Type fits into all existing transportation bags and covers
  • The weight increase over an M Type is approximately 100g (varying slightly depending on the gearing option chosen, as the cables necessarily vary). Pricing will be the same as the other model types.
  • The H Type is for those who like to travel with unhurried style, taking in the journey along the way. It will certainly extend the Brompton’s appeal to the tallest riders but will also appeal to all those seeking an upright riding position, with good visibility.
  • Pricing for H-Type Brompton handle bars on B-Spoke Bromptons is currently the same as for M, S, and P Style Bromptons. An H-Type Retro kit is also available. Contact us direct for H-Type Retrokit Pricing. 650 321 0808

PRICE LIST for Brompton Bicycles and Accessories
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The Brompton models shown below are the models that have proven most popular with our customers over the past 18 years. However, it is very easy to order a customized or B-Spoke Brompton. Note: Current wait time for your Custom B-Spoke Brompton is 4 to 5 weeks. Please fill out and submit the order form to indicate your interest, or contact us at 650 321 0808 or

Shipping information:

Our normal shipping is by UPS Ground Service. Expect delivery in 5 to 10 days from date shipped from our shop in California. To ship a complete Brompton Bike to farthest or nearer USA points by a Ground Service, ranges from $50 to $70.

Note: Shipments outside USA are usually sent by Fed Ex Economy Air. Call us to ask about a delivery charge to your city and country. Example Singapore $325

You are encouraged to contact us by phone to discuss particulars of your Brompton order as with a large variety of options, choices and new Brompton models available you could find making your choices a bit confusing. We are here to help you!

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