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Since 1994
As the original Brompton dealership in the U.S., our experience and knowledge provide our customers with unsurpassed support


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"To make up your own Brompton with custom features plus all extras you may want, go to Brompton Bike Bilder Program at: This program will also give a final current price for the bike you have created"

Interested in an electric powered Brompton? Click here
Call us to inquire 650 321 0808 or mail to

To discuss you interest in a possible purchase or arrange a visit or test ride, please phone
650-321-0808 or 800-783-3447


Interested in an electric powered Brompton? Click here
Call us to inquire 650 321 0808 or mail to started 18 years ago as the first authorized Brompton dealer in the USA. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have come our way since 1994 The Brompton folding bicycle, made in London, England, is lightweight with excellent handling and a comfortable ride. It is precisely engineered, elegant in design, yet folds in seconds into a convenient package little larger than its wheels.

Enjoy your trip through our website and see why the Brompton is famous the world over!

WHY A BROMPTON?                                

  • Folds quickly (allow about 15 seconds to fold)
  • Extremely compact when folded
  • Weights range from approximately 19.5 lbs for the titanium models to 25 lbs for touring models
  • Fully customizable - many colors, lighting, saddle and luggage options
  • Easily transported and concealed in a car trunk and friendly for airline travel
  • A great value for money well spent
  • Click here to view our interesting and helpful Brompton videos on YouTube!

     Custom models

We do keep a number of Brompton folding bikes in stock for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world, but you may want to order a customized model for yourself. This allows you to choose the color, the accessories and options that best fit your needs.
Please phone 650 321 0808 for details.

423 Chaucer St.
Palo Alto CA 94301
650 321 0808

A Considered Opinion:

From AtoB Magazine
"---- The fact is - and we might as well get this over with - the Brompton is more or less unassailable in terms of practicality, ride and foldability. We've never seen a bike come close: a few 20-inch big wheelers are faster (not all though), a handful of machines have a rudimentary luggage carrying system, and some fold quite well, but the Brompton scores 8/10 in all these areas, so it can't be beaten. Not yet, anyway."

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